Frequently asked questions

When does the next dance session start?

Arthur Murray Dance Centers do not work with dance sessions. You can start at any time. Registering at our school is like registering at the gym. Once you are a member, you come whenever you are available and you work on the dances that you are interested in. You will also progress at your own pace and you will not miss anything if you have to skip a week or more.

Do you offer classes for beginners?

Yes! We here at the Arthur Murray Laval Dance Center pride ourselves in our ability to teach everybody from beginner to advanced, from 5 to 85 year old and more. A partner is not required.

I am looking for group classes only, is that something I can do at your school?

Unfortunately it is not possible to register for group classes only at our school. The Arthur Murray Dance Centers work with a system of three types of lessons that has been proven help you become a good social dancer 70% faster. Once you are a member you will learn how to dance through private lessons, group classes and supervised practices. Each type of lesson gives you different information that will help you becoming a more independent social dancer. All of our students do a mix of these three types of lessons but not everyone use them in the same way. We will help you find the mix that is best suited for your goals.

How do I start?

The first step is to schedule a consultation lesson with a teacher. During this consultation, the teacher will explain to you in details how the school works and will answer all of your questions. The teacher will recommend the next step for you in order to reach your goals. You will also try up to two dances of your choice during the consultation so bring appropriate shoes. There is a fee of $20.00 per person for the consultation lesson; you don't have to purchase any lessons at the end of it if you do not want to start your dance journey with us at this time. If you do wish to continue with us the fee for the consultation lesson will be put towards the payment of your first dance program and you will then schedule your first appointments.

How many lessons do I need to learn a dance?

It is impossible for us to give you the exact amount of lessons required to learn a dance. Everybody learns at their own pace. Depending on many factors, it may be easier for some people and it make take a little bit longer for others. If you are new to social dancing you would probably need to dance regularly for around six months to a year before you feel comfortable with not only the steps but the concept of leading and following a partner. This is why we recommend the consultation lesson first. After the consultation we offer short-term programs that will last about one month. These programs are designed to give you a chance to learn some basic skills in a few dances and experience our school. These programs are not made to make you feel comfortable but to give you a general feeling of what social dancing is and give you the opportunity to decide if we are the right place for you. It can also help you setup some goals if you are not sure where to go when you first start.